PJ Martin PhD., MMus.Hons, BA.

... studied classical guitar privately in Madrid with Regino Sainz de la Maza.*

After which (and in musical contrast) he spent time in London performing with 'Free-form improvisation' group Caparius.

Australian born Martin returned down-under to form one of that countries largest pop/rock bands - SCRA (signed to Atlantic records New York). With awards and commercial success, he became much in demand as an arranger/orchestrator as well as penning some of Australia's more iconic pieces for advertising.

All this while, Martin was studying techniques and concepts that were unfolding in twentieth century Art Music - eventually taking up a post with Southern Cross university as lecturer in composition, teaching most aspects of contemporary music including song writing.

This site contains some of the recording endeavours by Martin since leaving full-time teaching. The stylistic variety exemplify his eclectic experience.


* "...The traditional techniques and characteristic effects of the guitar developed over time were passed down from J. Arcas to Tarrega, and from the latter to our times by way of many different guitarists (E. Puhol, M. Llobet, P. Roca, J. Robledo, Salvador Garcia, D. Fotea, R. Sáinz de la Maza, A. Segovia, etc.). This unbroken chain of masters makes up the traditional ‘School of the Spanish Guitar’recognized by history."

[Wade, Traditions of the Classical Guitar. London: John Calder, 1980.]